The culture of our firm creates a productive work place and contributes to our client’s success.
With our culture, we do great work for our clients.
We serve our client’s needs with a sense of urgency; we are service oriented; and provide high quality work. We hire great people, who are also great attorneys, paralegals and assistants. We train our people so they improve and grow personally and professionally.

We are passionate.
We have passion for what we do, for our clients, for the people we work with and the opportunities our firm provides.

We are collaborative.
We are firm focus not self-focused. We collaborate, help each other, share clients and make sure that each assignment is worked on by the best team the firm can provide. Each person at the firm has a valuable role in the firm’s success. We are committed to put each person at the firm in the best possible position to perform with excellence.

We are creative and positive.
We find creative solutions to any task or problem we face, be it for a client or for the firm. We listen to the suggestions of others, remain open to new and better ways to do things and ask for help when we need it. We learn from and forgive mistakes.

We are civil.
We are respectful with all those we work with, our clients, our colleagues, opposing counsel, and opposing parties. When we are confronted with a problem, we solve it with direct and honest communication no matter how awkward or difficult.

We are honest and act with integrity.
Honesty and integrity are essential components of mutual respect and are required of all who work here.

We are entrepreneurial, egalitarian and inclusive.
No matter what the size of our firm, we limit bureaucracy, remain flexible and inclusive. We strive for satisfaction and success of everyone at the firm.

We are generous.
Decisions are made on the basis of what is right and best for the whole rather than individual gain. We are generous with our time and resources with all who work with us.

We value balance in our lives at work and at home.
We recognize that a happy and healthy life outside of work is crucial to satisfaction and performance at work. To achieve this balance, we set reasonable performance standards, support each other in difficult times and encourage each other to be active and healthy.

We are conscious of our community.
We support our community by acts of service and giving.